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EARPRESS Pressure Earrings

Custom sizes and designs for keloid pressure earrings made in Vancouver, Canada
Non-custom options also available

The size and location of the keloid will determine the option selected.

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Custom Plastic Earpress

Non-Custom Metal Earrings

Joanne Smith

Ear Compression Consultant
Occupational Therapist

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Non-Custom Plastic Earrings

Use sliders in the photos below to see which style Earpress was applied at the beginning of treatment

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Treatment of ear keloids requires a multimodal approach, usually including surgery, cryotherapy, steroid injections and compression.  Application of pressure to a lobe is relatively simple and various non-custom options exist, but the complex curves on the cartilage require a custom approach. Many years of research and development have resulted in the custom plastic Earpress which is aesthetically acceptable and applies compression to the areas that need it.

These photos show the keloid before surgery, after surgery, the application of the custom Earpress and eventual mature scar when compression was no longer required.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in an Earpress. What is the next step?

Please email the following information to, so I can assist you appropriately:
– Photos of the keloid
– City and country where you live

I want to make a mold of my ear, but where can I get the Detax Addition to make the mold?

I can send you enough to make 3 molds, which is the number I would like you to send to me to ensure at least one of them is good.
I charge CAD$45.00 plus shipping.

What does a custom plastic Earpress cost?

CAD$500.00 plus shipping
The non-custom options are significantly less expensive.

Putting on and
Using Custom Earpress

Making a
Custom Earpress Mold

Applying the
Metal Earpress