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I am interested in an Earpress. What is the next step?

Please email the following information to, so I can assist you appropriately:
– Photos of the keloid
– City and country where you live

I want to make a mold of my ear, but where can I get the Detax Addition to make the mold?

I can send you enough to make 3 molds, which is the number I would like you to send to me to ensure at least one of them is good. I charge CAD$45.00 plus shipping.

What does a custom plastic Earpress cost?

CAD$500.00 plus shipping
The non-custom options are significantly less expensive.

Why should I consider a pressure device after my keloid has been removed?

The risk of keloids regrowing after removal is known to be high and they can often grow back larger than before they were removed. There are a number of non-custom options available for the lobe, but the upper part of the ear is much harder to treat due to its intricate shape and absence of flat surface.

How long after surgery should I come for my first appointment?

It is best to come after 7 to 10 days so any post-op swelling can reduce.

How long will it take to get my Earpress after you have taken the cast?

Fabrication time is 2 weeks once I have the mold.

What shall I expect at my first appointment?

I will examine your ear to determine the location of the keloid/excision as this will determine what compression devices I have to offer.

Ear lobes: I have non-custom options and can provide custom ones.

Ear cartilage: These are complex and typically need a custom plastic Earpress. Getting one of these is a 2 stage process. I will take a mold of your ear at the first visit and you will return two weeks later for a fitting of the completed device. If you live too far away to come in person, you will need to purchase the Detax material and get someone to help you make the mold. I will help you with the first impression via Facetime or WhatsApp video call. You will then ship this to me.

How long will I wear the ear compression?

That is a good question! Research has shown some success when compression is worn at night for 6 months. Keloids are unpredictable, however, and some are far more aggressive than others. I generally recommend wearing them as close to 24 hours per day as possible for at least 6 months and possibly longer. Keloids can recur, so I recommend checking the keloid location periodically and reapplying the compression for a couple of months if there is any thickening of the scar.

I had a keloid removed from my cartilage, but cannot come to Vancouver to see you. Can I still get an Earpress?

I need a mold of your ear, so if you can get one made and send it to me, then I can make the device and mail it to you. I will do my best to ensure it fits well, but there are no guarantees, particularly if I don’t take the mold myself. Please refer to this video: How to Make a Custom Earpress Mold.

Do you guarantee that the Earpress will fit perfectly and will prevent the keloid from recurring?

There are no guarantees! The Earpress will fit better than anything else that I am aware of to treat keloids on the cartilage, but perfection is almost impossible to achieve. Some keloids are more aggressive than others and will regrow no matter what, but patient testimonial (such as you can see on this website) confirm that the Earpress should at least slow down the growth, if not prevent it completely.