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My experience with Joanne and the Earpress was very easy and smooth. She is very accommodating with time and really easy to talk to. Joanne understood my every concern and explained to me the in and outs of keloids, my situation and how important it was to wear this Earpress as long as possible. She helped make sure I was comfortable with the size and design of my Earpress. Now I’ve been wearing the Earpress for about 2.5 months and it really doesn’t feel like anything, most of the time I even forget that I am even wearing it. Sleeping with it is a breeze, I only really take it off when I shower and then slip it right back on. The first time I got my keloid removed I wasn’t sent to Joanne and my keloid did come back but now the second time I got it removed I was referred by my Plastic Surgeon and I am so glad I was able to have more control over my keloid with Joanne and the Earpress. I will be wearing this Earpress for 6 months for 23 hours a day, and then nights after that. I just keep my fingers crossed that it doesn’t come back with the help of Joanne and the Earpress.